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Estate, Probate, Small Business, and Veterans Disability Lawyer

When planning for the future, preparing for the distribution of your estate and providing for the future welfare of  your loved ones can be complicated and confusing. Accidents and illnesses happen every day, which means that it is never too soon to make a plan for the future care of family members when you are gone. With proper planning as early as possible, families can be assured that they will be well protected in the event of accident or illness and any resulting disability claims. Handling estate planning, probate, Veterans disability concerns, and small business planning, Attorney Bentley Nettles is prepared to help families protect themselves and avoid the problems that can occur when dealing with death and other personal losses.

At Nettles Law, Let Us Help You Prepare for the Future

  • Estate, trust, and probate lawyer with over 15 years of legal experience.
  • Small business legal planning and assistance with Veterans Law issues.
  • Military legal adviser with extensive military training and involvement.
  • Committed, caring, and experienced with personal disability and death preparation planning.
  • Free initial consultation to discuss your immediate needs.