What Is Probate?

When a family member dies, their estate must go through the process of probate. This is a legal acknowledgment of their passing and the administration of a previously witnessed will. This can be a straightforward process when that person planned out their estate to be more easily processed when they die; however, such prior planning is not always the case. A large estate is more complex to handle than a small one. Probate can also be more difficult to handle if no legal plan has been written and established for the dispersal of the estate. This leaves family members having to sort out – and agree – on all the details, which is why most families need the help of experienced probate lawyers to help them.

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Nettles Law is experienced in all parts of the probate process, whether or not there has been any prior estate planning. We sincerely want to help families with probate, protecting their interests as our top priority. We can assist families with the probate process in the following ways:
  • Independent and Dependent Administration of estates
  • Contested wills and probate disputes
  • Muniment of Title and Affidavit of Heirship
  • Representation of beneficiaries, trustees, guardians, and executors
Don’t face the probate process alone – seek the services of the experienced personnel with Nettles Law Firm.

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