Areas of Practice

At Nettles Law, we care about our clients and want to help them financially prepare for the future. It is never too early for families and small businesses to begin planning for the future or even the unexpected. To help Texas families protect their wealth and have the right planning in place in the event of unexpected accidents or events, Bentley Nettles offers dedicated legal services in the following areas:

Estate planning, trusts, and other financial planning for the future are frankly hard for most people to understand. Nettles Law will analyze client estate planning needs and provide honest, helpful advice for creating a suitable plan to ensure that family wealth is passed down in the most desirable way.Estate Planning
Dealing with probate after the passing of a loved one can leave family members wondering what to do and where to turn. Without skilled representation of a family’s best interest, the best results for the welfare of the remaining family members may not happen. Nettles Law has extensive experience in all aspects of probate and estate administration and can help families deal with this process in a favorable way.Probate
There is more to business planning that just documenting a plan of operations. Business planning also includes the important question of business type, the many legal documents and contracts required to do business, business financing and stock sales and purchases, and more. Nettles Law can assist any small business with its legal needs and help keep the business running smoothly. Small Business Planning
With an extensive military career, Bentley Nettles has a wealth of military knowledge as well as a great compassion for helping Veterans deal with disability claims filed with the Veterans Administration. Whether a Veteran is in need of assistance in filing disability claims or challenging claims that have been denied, Nettles Law is here to help Veterans of all branches of the military get the benefits and care they deserve and are entitled to receive.VA Disability Claims

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