Achieving Successful Resolution of Veterans Disability Claims

After serving our country as members of the United States military, many veterans return home with disabilities from injuries or illnesses they received in service to their country.  Treatment is needed – and promised – as part of their commissioning or enlistment.  Getting such treatment is just one more indignity they have to suffer, as the claims filing process can unfortunately be extremely complex. Claims are filed, eventually reviewed, and some Veterans find themselves unjustly denied disability benefits for many reasons. They don’t know where to turn for the help they so desperately need.

With an extensive military history behind him including overseas tours in designated war zones, Bentley Nettles understands the disappointments and hardships these Veterans – and their families – endured.  To return to civilian life with an injury or disability and not get the treatment they so rightly deserve is an insult to these brave defenders of our country.

This is why Bentley Nettles has pursued becoming (accredited by the Veterans Administration?) to help these brave warriors seek the benefits they were promised and so rightly deserve.  Bentley Nettles knows how to locate the military documentation that is such a vital part of supporting any claim for benefits.  He will work diligently to present a valid claim with supporting evidence so that Veterans can receive the benefits and care they need to recover.

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Nettles Law provides dedicated, compassionate legal assistance to Veterans of all branches of the service deal with declined disability claims, helping them gain deserved benefits. Only a lawyer with the military background of Bentley Nettles can truly understand the complexities that these Veterans face and is qualified to help them wade through the sea of red tape to file a disability claim.

When a disabled Veteran is turned away by the system, Nettles Law is ready to help by:

  • Seeking benefits for physical injuries and illnesses developed during their military service
  • Making an initial claim for disability consideration and appealing rejected disability claims
  • Representing declined claims for PTSD and other service-related mental disorders
  • Knowing what to do after a claim has been denied
Don’t be overwhelmed by the complexities of the Veterans Administration claim filing process.  Find the help you need to have a successful resolution of your claim for service-related VA benefits!

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